Winners and Losers

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We were taught that life is a continuous competition. Winners and losers.

We were taught that life is a continuous comparison. Good and bad.

But who is the Winner? Who is the Loser?

We have relationships. They hurt. We learn that it’s best for you to be the winner. The one who doesn’t suffer. The one who leaves. The one who doesn’t get involved. The one who’s constantly running. When we are left, rejected, we feel the bitter taste of defeat, the shame of not being wanted, of not being good enough.

The rejection wound is still so active in all of us (or at least most of us).. In this life we all have a choice to make – to shut down to love or to allow ourselves to feel, as we can can, stumbled at first..

The whole darkness in this world comes from fear. Fear is not the real us. Fear is the creation of our ego. Its fear to be recognised as what it is – an illusion.

The primary fear is the fear of death, it all comes down to it. Our mind is constantly trying to protect us, so we find millions of rational reasons to not love, to run, because for lives we have learned that it’s dangerous, rejection HURTS. Badly. And yes, we face the risk of even dying.

But who’s dying?

Our soul knows it’s eternal. Our soul fears nothing. The fear of death belongs to our ego. If you allow yourself to listen to your soul’s voice, slowly slowly you will get the courage to face even “death”, because despite the suffering you allow yourself to believe in your soul, who is whispering the Truth.

I know and I’ve known so many people who choose fear, choose the warm comfort, choose the compromise, choose the run, choose the death. They think they are the winners, because they are the ones who leave, the ones who don’t suffer, the ones who don’t get involved.

They don’t know, for now, how much they lose. They don’t know, for now, that they lose themselves.

When we allow ourselves to suffer, when we have the courage to go through, all the way, yes, we feel like dying. Because all our shields are torn apart, all our defence structures – so thoroughly built, to prevent us from feeling anything – suddenly disappear. All our personality, all the fake that we always thought is who we are.

Only when we are able to face our demons do we discover that there aren’t any. Only when we allow ourselves to live our darkest fears, our deepest pain, we discover who we really are and we finally understand that fear is an illusion, a joke, the construction of a young child who didn’t understand this world’s reaction to all he had best to offer – his heart.

As children, we came here openheartedly, believing that this world will receive our love, will cherish it, will cherish us. But this world that we’re all building through our choices doesn’t recognise love, doesn’t cherish it, it’s afraid of it. Adults are the yesterday’s children – rejected, mutilated, killed on the inside.

Fear is the child in us who doesn’t understand. He needs to be healed, he needs to be loved. We’re the only ones who can love him, as this world doesn’t know how. This world is full with angry, misunderstood and unloved children.

But.. If you have the courage, there comes a time when life, in its greatness, comes and enlightens everything. Then you receive the key, the ultimate truth, the reason you are here – you finally understand that THE WINNER IS THE ONE WHO LOVES. The one who risks. Everything.

There comes a time when you know there’s only one card to play, and in that moment you choose to FEEL. You chose life over death. Light over darkness.

So, love!




No matter the risk.

Now you are YOU. And more than a Winner, you are INVINCIBLE.

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  1. 🙂 nu e chiar asa, insa totusi ceva manipulare pozitiva nu strica mentalului celor mai multi 🙂 keep going! 🙂

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